Black ops 3 zombies revelations easter egg ending

By popular demand, people still want all the steps individually. Here we go guys, Black Ops 3 Revelations Zombies! Please note that some steps MAY work out to be for other things that may not directly relate to the main Easter Egg. This is difficult to know while discovering for the first time but rest… More. Plus, may as well throw in the daily Sortie! We've got some pretty cool rewards too! These guys definitely help us continue to provide you with awesome content and deserve a tonne of credit. Thank you so much! There have been a few Alcatraz maps released over the years, this one looks to be pretty fantastic. These guys definitely help us continue to provide you with awesome content… More.
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Revelations features the toughest Call of Duty: Zombies easter egg yet. We did the math. No other Easter egg in the series has caused so much hair-pulling, or forced quite so much data-mining, just to figure out each and every step.
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Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. By Monopoly Mac , September 15, in Revelations. So that's it. We beat the Shadowman and the result is what you see in the video. I'm personally disappointed with how this cutscene turned out to be but you guys may have different opinions. Leave your thoughts below! MysteryMachineX 9 posts. NaBrZHunter 4 posts. Castun50 3 posts.

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The map takes place within Agartha after the release of the Shadowman from the Summoning Key. In contrast to other maps, the cosmic appearance of Revelations is distinct from other previous maps. The map features recurring gameplay elements such as the Guard of Fafnir and the Ragnarok DG-4s , but introduced new features such as the Corruption Engines and a new type of enemy, the Fury. Furthermore, fragments of past maps such as Shangri-La and Origins feature as structural components of the map. The Primis crew return for the final time as the playable characters. Enemies such as the Panzersoldat , the Parasites and the Spiders also return. Just before they arrive, Maxis instructs the children to 'put the toys away' and ensure that 'the windows are locked before [they] come down to the basement'. As each of the souls arrive in "The House", Monty transforms each member of Ultimis into their younger self as a means to restore their innocence. Upon the arrival of Primis, they bring the Summoning Key along with them, which Maxis is mesmerized by. Primis Richtofen and Maxis destroy the teleporter to prevent any further corruption of the universe.

Revelations features the toughest Call of Duty: Zombies easter egg yet. We did the math. No other Easter egg in the series has caused so much hair-pulling, or forced quite so much data-mining, just to figure out each and every step.

Now, without further ado — keep scrolling to get started on the big finale to the Zombies storyline. For even more secret zombies stuff, check out the complete Gorod Krovi survival guide to see how to complete the sprawling, dragon-infested Easter egg and do battle with a mechanized Boris.

Before getting started, make sure you and your team activate all four Corruption Engines. Nearby, outside the traversable parameters of the opening island, you can spy a cemetery with gravestones. There are four prominent gravestones you can see — two directly left of the spawn point and two beyond the jump-pad to the Origins area. Once a bullet is put into the correct graves in order, a strange stone will appear on one of the glowing blue jump-pads.

This part can be tricky. To craft a Summoning Altar, find one of the strange rock-walls with symbols carved into the side. These are often located near Mystery Box spawns, so check the walls — if you get near one, a prompt will appear. This part can be buggy, but it will require that you summon a Keeper Protector using the Altar parts listed above and jump to the strange stone in the jump-pad that appears after shooting the gravestones in the correct order.

The ritual lasts a solid 3 minutes , so be prepared to defend him until the ritual is over. When the ritual is complete, an audio reel will appear on the ritual site. Collect the audio reel and find the radio in the Nacht der Untoten area. The radio is located opposite the second-floor tesla switch used to capture the Apothicon. This step only sounds gross because it is.

To do this, follow the steps outlined here:. They can only be found as a random drop from the Mystery Box. Locate a Mystery Box by following the massive green beam of light to the source. Each Mystery Box purchase costs points. These are the holes where zombies will spawn into the map — there are 9 holes total. Go into the Apothicon prepared to kill Margwa bosses. Three at once is a pretty tough fight. Just shoot the yellow glowing bulbs in the tendrils to free the machine. After 9 Margwa bosses are killed, a special audio reel will appear on the bridge in the center of the Apothicon interior.

It appears on one of the yellow tendril bulbs next to the bridge, similar to the tendrils holding up the Pack-a-Punch. Collect the audio reel and deliver it to the radio in the Kino der Toten area — the radio is opposite the Apothicon standee on the stage.

Interact with the radio after taking the audio reel to complete this step. Once again, the Apothicon Servant will only spawn at the Mystery Box. Each Mystery Box random roll costs points. Take this to the wooden desk at the top of the hill in Origins — this is also at the top of the mine shaft that leads down into Mob of the Dead. After overriding the Corruption Engines, these devices will change functions — using them again will turn the former Engines into Turrets.

Now, for some explanation…. She makes an appearance here in Revelations — after shooting all those bones in the previous step, S. After a turret targets the blue orbs, it will continue to shoot until this step is completed.

The wad of energy that is S. Back in Kino der Toten , interact with the podium on the stage to place the Kronorium. These strange eggs spawn in random locations — one on each of the four island-areas. After collecting one egg, follow the steps below — repeat this process for each egg you find.

Once you find a rune location, interact to collect it. Each player needs to stand on the glowing runes — interact at the same time to teleport. The Kronorium is the key to defeating the Shadow Man! Go to the opposite side of the chamber to find a floating rune. Complete all four sequences, and the Summoning Key will spawn in the center of the arena. The Summoning Key takes up one weapon slot, and can be thrown.

These locations are always the same, and can be completed in any order. Step through the teleporter, interact all at the same time, and prepare to finally complete this thing. Sources: [ 1 ], [ 2 ].

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