link we were children, but she's old enough to handle it now, I think. We haven't started a family yet, but we probably will raise our family nudist." />


Growing up in nudist family

I pray and hope you learn something from it. God bless you. He love you. W hat are you talking about,. Y es, I am her my sister. Been busy today and answer some question for other. I put up new question. I am here. You can talk to me in my question also. I grow up with my dad, mom, two sisters and one brother as a nudists.
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Fun fact : I grew up in a nudist camp and used to paint on women. They had a body painting contest and my parents let me join, because I wouldn't shut up most likely.
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It's apparent there are some misconceptions about nudism and what all it entails, especially when it comes to families. I was raised in a nudist household. My parents were almost always nude at home, as were my siblings. We had other families of nudists over to our home. Its hard for someone who hasn't experienced what that is like to understand, so here are some answers to questions that frequently come my way:. We wore clothes outside of the house except when at nude friendly locations- nude resorts, the family farm well off the beaten path, and the odd trip to nude beaches. We still have to function in society, and that means donning clothes to go to school, to the store, etc. We also wore clothes when most of our friends came over, unless our friend's parents were nudists as well or it had been established that nudity was accepted. Of course that rule was bent by us from time to time. There are areas where I am comfortable nude, and areas where I wouldn't dream of going nude.
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Fun fact : I grew up in a nudist camp and used to paint on women. They had a body painting contest and my parents let me join, because I wouldn't shut up most likely. I was the only kid that participated. What did I paint on this grown woman?

A monkey holding up a barbell and weights. Use your imagination to picture where everything was. I didn't win. I think most adults, even at a nudist camp, were a little freaked out by a little kid painting on some woman's breast.

I didn't see the problem as an 8 year old boy. It was just fun, but yeah I was a little perv This will probably help some of you understand why I am the way I am. I can still remember my Father calling me and my brother into our parents bedroom late one night and asking us, "Do you want to go to a nudist camp?

I don't remember my brother's response, but I had to ask, "What's a nudist camp? I was 7 years old at the time. My Dad explained it all to me and my next question was, "Do I have to be naked??? He told me no, that I could wear a towel or they would even let me wear my clothes anywhere except the pool.

The pool was the only place everyone had to be naked. They claimed it had to do with threads getting into the pool filter, but even as a kid I knew that was bullshit, but it was the rules and it was enforced every single time. If you ever tried to swim in trunks they would make you get out, take your trunks off and shower first if you wanted to get back in the pool. As you can imagine, as I grew older this became an issue when I would be in the pool with girls my age.

Needless to say, there were times I had to stay in the pool, in the deep end, longer than everyone else before I could exit. I didn't want to be that weird kid walking around with a semi. The girls thought it was funny to bump into your crotch as much as possible I learned from my older brother.

They were basically trying to embarrass the boys. The odd thing is, there never was any weird stuff going on at the camps we attended from the time I was 7 to I kept expecting to see some weird old guy checking us all out, but pretty much everyone just acted normal. Most people walked around in a towel, except during sports. And this is where it did get a little off-putting.

Seeing your Dad's schlong on the other side of a tennis court slap all over the place while you played him in tennis was a bit much. So I stopped playing tennis with Dad real quick. I decided volleyball looked fun, so I started to learn to play it and found out I was pretty good.

The best part was most people wore a towel while playing, but the ladies were still topless, so that was a bonus as a young man. Don't get me wrong, not everyone was svelte. The vast majority of people that were at these places were retired and it was pretty gross, but I got used to it pretty quick and it didn't phase me after a month or so. We would laugh to ourselves at times about certain people, but when you yourself are walking around naked you tend to stop doing that pretty quick because I sure didn't want to hear someone laughing at my body, especially one of the girls my age.

The only part I didn't like about the nudist camps we attended was eating with everyone else. Usually there was a big placed called "The Hall", from what I remember, at the center of these places and they served food three times a day.

It had rooms people could rent, an inside heated pool, ping-pong tables, pool tables, TV's etc. Eating with old naked people is not enjoyable as a kid; well I assume it's probably not enjoyable at anytime in your life, but I stopped going when I turned 15 so I can only imagine past that point. They did make you use a towel to sit down, but still, watching someone's Grandma sit down and have her boobs slap up on the table was pretty gross at times Even worse, some of the older people would walk in buck naked with their towel in their hands and put it on the chair instead of wrapping it around themselves.

I stopped eating at the Hall pretty quick for this reason. I know it sounds really weird for a kid to be around a bunch of naked older people his entire childhood, but it was actually kind of cool. When I would go to school I would tell my non-nudist friends about it and they didn't believe me, until I showed them pictures my Father had hidden in his drawer.

I became pretty cool after that! Oh and picture taking was not something that was allowed, unless everyone who would be in the picture agreed ahead of time. My Dad had taken pictures with his older friends and their wives, some who were pretty hot from what I remember. I attended two different camps when I was a kid. The camp on the Rio Grande was really cool because they had peacocks, lambs and other animals I'd never seen before just walking around. I got to feed the lambs with bottles and would pick up the peacock feathers that were on the ground and collect them.

I had a pretty big collection after a few years. There were also some wealthy people at these clubs. He had a kick ass Jaguar car and ever since I saw it as a kid I always wanted one just like his. He would take a bunch of us to one of his restaurants and feed everyone to try out new dishes for their menu. I thought this guy was the coolest dude in the world back then.

The other camp near Austin, Texas was on around acres from what I remember. It had a dirt landing strip way out in the back and a few people would fly their little planes in on weekends. As a kid, it was like a dream to roam around that much land without worry. There were trails all over the place out in the woods and people had cabins all spread out. I became best friends with the owners son who was my age and we thought we owned this place. We would buy Army surplus gear and go around pretending we were at war with imaginary enemies.

The old folks probably thought we were crazy, but some would pretend to be bad guys and would fall over and play dead if they saw us near their cabin playing. I had a very vivid imagination as a kid and it's probably due to the lifestyle my Father led. He thought he was James Bond, and frankly, I did too! So that's why I'm so weird today. My Dad is a strange fellow, but pretty cool at the same time. He was into a little bit of everything; motorcycles, exotic cars, nudist camps, you name it he was into it and he brought my brother and I along for all of his adventures.

But that's another story. Oh man this is awesome, one day, I'm going to come over there and have a big ol' beer with you, stories like this make me like you more and more! One question though you answered my other question in the bit about staying in the deep-end , would you do the same with your kids; do you have kids? Oh hell no. My Dad taught me how not to raise kids. Even though all the crazy stuff he did with us was fun, it was a life lesson of what not to do with children. Yes I do.

Our oldest daughter is living with us again and she overheard me telling her Mom that I wrote about this last night and we hear, "Whaaaaaat!? I've never told any of them the crazy stuff my Dad had us doing when we were children, but she's old enough to handle it now, I think.

Awesome, you have to keep those ones back, I'm sure I'm going to drop some story on my daughter when she's all grown up to make her go whaaaaa??? I hope so anyway :-D. Im in my bed and that's the first thing of the day that I read. Thanks Tuck! Very cool story tuck! Intersting early childhood life there. Im sure those granny boobs still haunt you. I seen my grannys boobs when I walked in on her on accident and im still traumatized. I must confess, reading all of her very detailed life stories made me feel more comfortable about bringing up some of the weird stuff I went through as a child.

It was rather cathartic to type all of that up, so I thank her for helping me get that story off my chest. Ah yes! And you see it was because of James Altucher that I felt I could tell my stories! It's a chain! It's weird how it happens. I wasn't sure if my stories would even be accepted as the crypto geek world tends to be anonymous focused.

But hey fuck it. I did a crapload of hard work last 3 years, faced all my inner demons one living real demon! I'm recovering from that time and I'm glad you told your story, I definitely like you a lot better now. The truth as corny as this sounds has a way of creating bonds between people. And the stories don't need to be all mushy either! I hate sentimental bs considering that my fav writers are Altucher and Bukowski, I'd say the grittier the better. But that's just me. Wow, I wonder what else will emerge from you.

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